About WFF


WFF was formed to solve a major problem

In order to keep up with the spiralling arms race between criminals and businesses, a deep understanding of how criminals think and their latest scams is needed. But information and knowledge from the criminal world is extremely hard to access.

Our founders brought a unique and diverse team together to solve this problem. They share a common passion for the fight against fraud and financial crime. And the belief that combining multiple perspectives with a holistic approach is what’s needed to stay safe.

Our approach

Security professionals often work in silos: cyber, physical, locks, CCTV etc. Criminals don’t.

Criminals work in teams of specialists: hackers, burglars, fraudsters – whoever they need to get the job done. Weaknesses are often exploited by combining different attack surfaces, e.g. burglars will install malware directly to an organisation’s computers which will later be exploited by their hackers. That’s why a holistic approach to security is crucial to identifying real world threats.

Financial crime is evolving at breakneck speed. How can you protect yourself and your organisation?
Engage with our holistic 3 part process to keep on top of evolving threats and manage their risk to your business.

To help you


...how you might be targeted by criminal or malicious attackers.


...what could happen if they did gain access to your business.


...how you can stop them.

So you can keep safe and prevent loss