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is a collaboration between leading fraud and financial crime prevention specialists from diverse backgrounds. These include, law enforcement, cyber, information technology and a former member of the criminal underworld who now uses his knowledge in the fight against fraud.


is to help individuals and organisations develop the capability to identify, understand and mitigate their risk from fraud and financial crime. 


Every business and individual is unique. 

So is our approach.

We are able to scope financial crime risk from a 360° perspective. We then provide personal, bespoke services, tailored to your needs.

Meet the Team

Andy Macdonald 

Senior Advisor

Tony Sales

Director of Strategy

Solomon Gilbert

Cyber Security Specialist

James Mills 

Fraud Prevention and Investigation Specialist

Justin Bentley

Data & Technology Specialist

Current Industry Statistics*

Cost to the UK economy of illicit finance per annum


Reported incidents
of fraud yearly in the United Kingdom 


Authorised push payment scams
in 2017 


Percentage of
fraud that is  


Sources: NCA strategic assessment 2019, UK Finance, 2019.

Our Services

Threat Assessment

  • Physical and Remote Penetration Testing
  • WFF Walkthroughs
  • Cyber Sanity Check
  • Integrity Testing

Training and Awareness

  • Immersive or Red + Blue Team Scenarios
  • Fraud and Financial Crime Workshops
  • Face to Face Training to Board, Senior Managers and Practitioners
  • Cryptography Consultancy
  • Open Source Intel Gathering
  • Public Speaking

Investigative Options

  • Case Management
  • Recovery Options
  • Digital Forensics and Data Recovery
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Intelligence Development and Investigations

GDPR/Cyber Consultancy

  • GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training
  • GDPR Compliance Review
  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Business Continuity
  • IT Migration
  • Incident Management and Resolution

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