Intel-led investigations and reporting


Intelligence-led investigations and reporting

1 – 4 hours depending on client.

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Course Description

The session will provide an overview of:

·       Legal and regulatory requirements for financial crime reporting

·       Information and recommendations to adopt an intelligence-led approach

·       How to develop and investigative mindset

·       SAR reporting

·       Documentation, case management and other record keeping

The input is designed for Decision Makers and personnel involved in investigations at all levels; in any organisation.

This short course seeks to deliver greater awareness and confidence to those tasked with understanding and managing a wide spectrum of financial crime risk:

The course will cover risks from the cathartic (when you have time) ….  to the critical (when you need to act now!)

Taught by:

Andy McDonald

WFF Senior Advisor

Andy was formerly Head of Special Investigations at SO15 Counter Terrorism Command and and UK National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU) previously Head of Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad at New Scotland Yard...

Pricing and availability

Cost is dependent on the number of attendees, the length of course  and whether it is face to face or online. Our courses can be taught to individuals or tailored to employees from a particular business. WFF works across multiple sectors from financial services, to building supplies and everything in between. We use our intelligence network to design bespoke training which provides an excellent ROI for companies and individuals. 

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