Your people are your organisation’s human firewall. Build their defences with the knowledge they need to block financial crime, fraud and ransomware.

We Fight Fraud’s training content is grounded in an evidence base that is research and testing-informed. It is delivered using innovative materials such as Crooks, We Fight Fraud’s exclusive Netflix-quality TV series. This shows your staff what’s really going on behind the fraud they see in their inboxes, on their phones and on TV.

We Fight Fraud Academy 

The learning platform for behavioural change. Engaging online courses, phishing testing and individual employee risk assessments.

Bespoke training

For specific issues in your business. Delivered as a module on We Fight Fraud Academy, as a Teams webinar, or live and in person on your premises.


Your people are your best asset to protect your company. They are your ‘Human Firewall’. A We Fight Fraud Academy subscription provides all of your staff, from building maintenance to board members, with the knowledge and tools they need to be the most effective barrier against fraud and financial crime, and for you to know how well they are doing.

  • Innovative training
  • Access to the WFF team to ask questions
  • Discussion forums
  • Phishing testing
  • Keep track of staff progress


Crooks-We Fight Fraud
Engaging and Innovative.
Anti-fraud and financial crime training can be dry and academic. That’s why we develop training that engages students on an intellectual and emotional level, helping them to fully understand and remember course content.
“The way of teaching… made me be 100% focused all the time.” – course attendee
WFF’s Crime Drama Series

‘Crooks’ is our own drama series made by A-list TV and film professionals. It is factually accurate, written with criminals and fraud prevention specialists and depicts real scenarios. It bridges the gap between entertainment and training, placing fraud and financial crime in its real world, criminal context. Viewers come to understand the consequences and implications of security breaches in a way simply not possible with textbook teaching methods. This makes the training surrounding these bespoke films more effective, impactful and enjoyable. Other learning content, such as Q and As, quizzes and knowledge tests, is woven around these central stories.

“The visual content was awesome”- course attendee

Crooks Clip-We Fight Fraud

Crooks KYC (Know Your Criminal) is an episode of our crime drama from our onboarding course.

Created by Our Multi-disciplinary Team
Scenarios are drawn from testing and research conducted by our team. As such we are able to offer courses that address common areas of vulnerability within a range of organisations. The format of our training ranges from 1 hour sessions to multi-day courses, often with pre and post-training elements. They can be delivered ‘live’ as immersive training, both in-house and remotely. Additionally, we are able to offer the opportunity to tailor the content to fit the unique requirements of our clients within our ‘masterclass’ series. This gives is a unique opportunity for organisations to incorporate company compliance procedures and processes alongside essential fraud and financial crime prevention knowledge’

“Very enjoyable approach to what can be ultimately a tiresome and uninteresting topic for many. “- course attendee



Case Study-Crooks-We Fight Fraud

Onboarding – the single point of failure

Aim: Prevent criminals being onboarded as customers, employees or suppliers to your organisation


During this course we identify why criminals pose a threat to your onboarding process of customers, employees or suppliers. We help staff understand criminal motives for circumventing those processes. Suggested options include how to equip staff with the skills to mitigate the criminal threat during onboarding. The course includes an engaging episode of the ‘Crooks’ drama.

Who’s it for: All staff involved with onboarding new customers, employees or third-party suppliers

Length of course: ½ day or 1-hour masterclass

After the course, attendees will:

  • Be able to confidently identify different social engineering techniques and spot fraudulent documentation.
  • Understand where they may encounter social engineering within their role, and how it is a key part of criminal behaviour.
  • Know how to use company policies and procedures in order to manage the threat posed by fraud and financial crime.

See an example of this course in action.



Case Studies-Reception-We Fight Fraud

Reception – the direct attack

Aim: Prevent criminals gaining access to your premises by socially engineering front desk staff.


Our testing and research identifies again and again that the front entrance of any organisation is particularly vulnerable and most at risk from criminal activity. Yet many staff are unaware of the value to criminals of gaining access to premises. While guarding against casual intruders and opportunistic thieves, they tend to be heedless of the threats posed by well-organised and even state sponsored criminals. Our training – which includes a compelling episode of the ‘Crooks’ drama – helps front of house staff understand why organised criminals seek to gain access to firms, and features some of the techniques used.  The training highlights their critical role in preventing criminal activity; with options on how to effectively manage threats.


Who’s it for: All front of house and reception area staff including security personnel

Length of course: ½ day or 1-hour masterclass

After the course, attendees will:

  • Identify the key role that the front of house staff, such as receptionists and security staff, have in protecting their company.
  • Understand how a company may look through the eyes of criminals, and the vulnerabilities that can be found front of house.
  • Be able to routinely mitigate the chance of a front desk security breach in their daily work patterns and activities.


Tony Sales Fraud Awareness Course-We Fight Fraud

Fraud – an insider view

Aim: Prevent the many incidences of fraud at home and work


Staff enjoy the opportunity to hear directly from a prominent former fraudster, so it won’t be an effort getting them to attend the session. In the masterclass. WFF’s  Tony Sales raises awareness of the type of frauds which could be perpetrated on company staff, helping them to understand how to stay safe personally and at work. Enabling employees to manage the potential harm of fraud and financial crime is beneficial to the wellbeing of any organisation’s workforce. An engaging video is followed by a 1/2 day course.

Who’s it for: All company staff and individuals

Length of course: 1-hour masterclass or 1/2 day course

After the course, attendees will:

  • Identify the many types of fraud and scams perpetrated by criminals.
  • Understand how a range of scams and frauds work to defraud individuals in person, on the phone, online and via letter.
  • Be able to manage the risk of being defrauded both in their personal life and at work.


IT-IOT-We Fight Fraud

Phishing – the hacker’s weapon of choice

Aim: Prevent the many phishing attacks at home and work


Our anti-phishing training identifies who is behind phishing attacks. Using our ‘Crooks’ drama it demonstrates how deceptively innocent looking emails or texts are a key part of the criminal toolset. No one who has been on this course is ever complacent about clicking on links again.

Who’s it for: All company staff and individuals

Length of course: 1-hour masterclass or ½ day course

After the course, attendees will:

  • Identify what phishing is and how they may encounter phishing at home or in work.
  • Understand why and how phishing is used by criminals to obtain money and their personal data.
  • Be able to avoid responding to phishing emails and texts and report them instead.


Other subjects we cover
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