We Fight Fraud

Andy McDonald

Head of Operations

Andy was formerly Head of Special Investigations at SO15 Counter Terrorism Command and UK National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU) previously Head of Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad at New Scotland Yard. With over 30 years in detective roles, Andy is a leading financial crime and risk management expert, advising a wide array of global organisations.

He is a subject matter expert in Fraud and other illicit finance; using his law enforcement experience as a platform to help both public and private sectors to identify, understand and then manage and mitigate risk. Now his focus tends to be on crime prevention, as opposed to enforcement!

Andy ensures that all WFF clients have a clear understanding of the threat landscape facing their organisations. He oversees all aspects of the agreed tactical options to mitigate the various identified risks.

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Andy McDonald

Senior Advisor

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The Social Engineering Expert

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Head of Cyber

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Communications and Creative Director

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Director of Research & Education

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Steve Garvey

Commercial Director