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Staff often work in silos, criminals don’t – nor does WFF.

Anyone with a company email or access to your premises is a potential back door to your business for criminals. Often employees work in silos and are unaware of the bigger picture. Criminals will exploit this. We Fight Fraud’s testing and training is designed to help you and all your staff discover and understand the threats they may encounter at any time.

All of our solutions are uniquely evidence-based from our own testing, research-informed and driven by lived experience. We don’t follow conventional…

…penetration testing rules. We go beyond to test your risk from fraud, data breaches and ransomware; approaching your business as a criminal would.

Our distinct approach makes our insights uniquely valuable to businesses of every size. It’s also why our work is trusted and valued by Police forces, Government and universities from across the globe. We’re committed to keeping businesses safe, which means we offer our products at a price that’s affordable to everyone.


We Fight Fraud Academy is proven to create behavioural change. It’s quick, easy, cost effective and your staff will love it.

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Nowhere in the world is a computer serving a prison sentence. Computers don’t commit crime, people do. They are constantly attacking businesses like yours, around the world, for their own financial gain. The only way to protect yourself is by taking action now. Find out your vulnerabilities and arm your people with the knowledge they need to protect your business.
That is what WFF is here to help you do. Through our testing and training products we IDENTIFY the threats to your business. We help you and your staff to UNDERSTAND what such threats look like and mean for the future success of your organisation. That allows you to MITIGATE or MANAGE the risk of potential criminal attack against your business.


WFF’s groundbreaking report on illegal moneylending during the emerging cost of living crisis, ‘As one door closes’, completed in partnership with Fair4all Finance, will be launched on 28th June 2023 at Westminster.

We spoke to 8 illegal lenders and 287 borrowers about their experiences of illegal lending in their community. The research reveals a subterranean world where knowledge among a group of citizens on where and how to access small sums of credit are commonplace. 

Our research team are specialist in working with people who are considered some of the ‘hardest to reach’. Our research uncovers knowledge that you cannot find in other research. FIND OUT MORE


Our masterclasses are free to attend with a WFF Academy subscription along with many other benefits.
Tony Sales is THE SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERT, quite simply because he has spent an entire lifetime perfecting his craft, on both sides of the law.  Tony shares insights into social engineering you cannot find anywhere else in his ‘Seven’ masterclassand within our compliance and all staff training courses.  Social engineering is the most common criminal attack vector your staff will face. However, the best way to ensure you stay safe is to test your defences. Tony and his team of experts will use advanced social engineering techniques through invoice fraud testing, phone and text testing, phishing testing, and front desk security testing. Want to know more about SOCIAL ENGINEERING? Read Tony Sales on Social Engineering or join his masterclass today!


We TEST your staff to reveal any vulnerabilites (9)

By the time you finish this nursery rhyme, criminals will have sent 983,800 phishing emails. Phishing, to criminals, is easier than singing a nursery rhyme. It’s the number one attack vector they use. On average they send 3.4 billion phishing attacks a day worldwide. Phishing is the biggest threat businesses face today. Don’t let criminals catch your employees out. Sign up today for phishing training that will have them hooked!

Can you spot a phish? Take our phishing test.


Criminals share information at the speed of light – so can we. Join like minded professionals to share current knowledge about emerging threats. Talk to each other in financial crime discussion forums, come to our monthly live Q and As where you can ask the team questions. And get access to exclusive content, only available with a membership to the WFF Community platform.

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But we aren’t happy about this, because our aim to to make everyone so secure that we are no longer needed. Unfortunately instead of getting harder, it is getting easier for criminals and bad actors to breach your systems. 

WFF has demonstrated a track record of discovering systems, processes, and human vulnerabilities. These could have cost our clients billions of pounds in losses, as well as significant reputational damage, and result in a significant loss in stakeholder confidence.

Our clients have benefited from:

  • Continual monitoring of the dark web and criminal networks for ‘noise’ / ‘adverse media’ or intelligence about threats to their organisation.
  • Targeted testing, tailored to ensure the most pressing issues for that organisation are examined first.
  • The opportunity to test new products and services before they go ‘live’ to their clients and the inclusion of We Fright Fraud’s insights in to new product design.
  • An in-depth, evidence-based, understanding of how the risks identified might impact their firm and its various stakeholders.
  • Practical steps and support to help them to manage and mitigate the various risks. Including the option of bespoke training to address specific human vulnerabilities.
  • Strengthening their ‘human firewall’ by onboarding their staff on to the WFF Academy.