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About We Fight Fraud

WFF is a collaboration between leading fraud and financial crime prevention specialists from diverse backgrounds.
These include the man the press dubbed ‘Britain’s Greatest Fraudster’, the ex-head of the Metropolitan police fraud squad at New Scotland Yard, a brilliant ex-hacker, covert operatives, academics and other top specialists. They have come together to combine their knowledge in the fight against fraud and financial crime. We believe that fraud and financial crime can only be properly understood when looked at from multiple perspectives. Our ability to combine otherwise unavailable intelligence about current threats with knowledge from different sectors makes WFF’s testing and training uniquely valuable.

Our Vulnerablility Testing

The We Fight Fraud Unified Threat Assessment (UTA) is a comprehensive test of your company’s security offering a ‘best in class’ benefit to individuals and businesses.

The We Fight Fraud

Unified Threat Assessment

Our UTA combines law enforcement and criminal perspectives to create a 360° assessment of your company’s defenses. Each UTA is tailored to your sector and your company.

 Unlike many ‘penetration tests’ or ‘red team’ products, the UTA provides a real-world assessment of how criminals can attack your business gained from our up to the minute intelligence network and deep understanding of criminal techniques. Our UTA often reveals vulnerabilities missed by other testers.


Digital Security Test

A comprehensive digital penetration test often produces information which can be exploited in other types of attack.

Social Engineering Test

Social Engineering attacks such as phishing emails are a favourite entry point for criminals. People are always the weakest link.

Video documentation • Comprehensive report • Solution consulting and training available • Fully confidential

Physical Security Test

Firewalls are all very well, but if criminals can break into your server room, they will be no use.

GDPR Data Integrity Test

Data security begins with GDPR compliance. If processes are broken data breaches will follow.


If you don't want to know how vulnerable to criminal attack your company is - don't book this product.


In a test of onboarding for a financial services company, the team discovered a vulnerability in a piece of 3rd party software which would have enabled them to open accounts at will.

This vulnerability had been missed by a top audit firm previously engaged at several times the cost


Our free threat intelligence

We believe that sharing information is vitally important in the fight against financial crime, so we make any findings we can public. Sign up to benefit.


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The team were tasked with testing the security of a fleet of delivery trucks for a high street retail chain. Their own loss prevention team had attempted unsuccessfully to steal a truck over several months. Within 48 hours the WFF team had stolen 3 fully loaded vehicles and driven them out of the warehouse.​


Our Training Courses

Our training courses are developed from our experience and constantly updated with current intelligence.



Having compromised the offices of a major wealth management company, the team would have been able to steal £15m worth of information *. The reputational damage would have been far higher.

The company calculated that they would have had to spend £500,000 just to send out letters informing customers of the breach.

*darkweb data value


Our Unique Team.

The makeup of our team is central to our approach. We believe it is the only team of its kind. 

We know that fraud and financial crime can only be properly understood when looked at from multiple perspectives. Our ability to combine otherwise unavailable intelligence about current threats with knowledge from different sectors makes WFF’s capabilities uniquely valuable.

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We believe that knowledge is power. So we distribute our intelligence freely in order to better arm businesses and consumers in the fight against financial crime.

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