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Testing is the most important part of your security. Only during testing can you find out what you don’t know about your vulnerabilities. WFF is not a traditional testing company. Our unique insights allow us to target businesses as criminals would, giving you understanding of the threats you face.


Having compromised the offices of a major wealth management company, the team would have been able to steal £15m worth of information. The reputational damage would have been far higher.

The company calculated that they would have had to spend £500,000 just to send out letters informing customers of the breach.


The team were tasked with testing the security of a fleet of delivery trucks for a high street retail chain. Their own loss prevention team had attempted unsuccessfully to steal a truck over several months. Within 48 hours the WFF team had stolen 3 fully loaded vehicles and driven them out of the warehouse.


In a test of onboarding for a financial services company, the team discovered a vulnerability in a piece of 3rd party software which would have enabled them to open accounts at will.

This vulnerability had been missed by a recent testing process, previously engaged at several times our cost.

Testing Oversight and Compliance

We Fight Fraud's testing is overseen by our Senior Advisor Andy McDonald. His role is to ensure full ethical and legal compliance. At the start of this test, we ask that you assign a designated officer to communicate with Andy about the project as a single point of contact. Under Andy McDonald's experienced lead, our testing takes a staged approach.


Using this approach, testing can be paused if necessary, when vulnerabilities are found and communicated to your designated officer. This allows all our testing to be responsive to not only to identifying criminal opportunities, but also the needs of your organisation in deciding how to respond to any vulnerabilities found.

Strategic Planning

Your organisation is best placed to identify strategic areas for concern that you wish We Fight Fraud to address. At the start of the test period, an initial strategic planning meeting will offer opportunity to raise any specific areas for concern that have yet to be discussed. It will also set the parameters for the test.


Within our testing of your business, communication is the key element to ensure you can protect your organisation as soon as vulnerabilities are found. As the We Fight Fraud Testing Lead, Andy McDonald will stay in regular contact with your single point of contact during testing days. He will agree testing parameters and relay information about strengths and weaknesses found during every stage of testing.


At the end of the test you will receive a full report for the project, which will include the method of testing, the attack vectors identified, and our recommendations for reducing, managing, or eliminating the vulnerabilities detected. This report is presented as a written dossier and a presentation that includes audio/visual evidence directly from testing.

Your Investment

There are two different options available when commissioning vulnerability testing with We Fight Fraud. When you have an idea of a specific area of your business that you want to test, or if you would like a general overview of your organisation then we can work with you to create a one-time vulnerability test to address these specific issues. Testing in this way is costed to match the needs of the test given in a brief by your organisation.

Often, businesses need to examine a range of areas, or would prefer to test over a longer period of time. For this, we offer a vulnerability testing relationship (retainer) that can be utilised by your organisation to examine existing vulnerabilities or areas for concern, or alternatively be used to help strength test new products or services during development and/or launch.

Now you understand how we take a unique approach to testing organisations, are you ready for us to test you? We work with you to create a bespoke test based on your requirements,. get in touch to see how the testing team can help you!


Vulnerability testing is an essential tool to help you understand how criminals may attack your organisation helping you to:

  • Identify how you may be targeted by criminals or malicious attackers.
  • Understand what could happen if they did gain access to your business.
  • Manage the threat. Most importantly; how you can stop them in the future.
The testing team draw upon an advanced toolkit that mimics real world modes of criminal attack. We offer a number of tests which can be used alone or in any combination to ensure that criminal opportunities are found and brought to your attention. Each test is tailored to your sector and your organisation.