We Fight Fraud


“The feedback from the team leaders was that it was the best training we’ve ever had.”

Peter, MLRO, large energy company

“Still the best training I’ve seen.”
David, CISO and Head of Group Risk, financial services company

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this… but I would have paid double.” 
Jeremy, CIO, large enterprise

We Fight Fraud’s training is designed to prevent criminals and bad actors harming your business. It is powered by our own research and testing, and is crucially driven by lived experience. We are constantly testing organisations to assess the latest attack vectors used by criminals. We then develop this, alongside the most up to date research, into engaging course materials, such as our ‘Netflix quality’ crime drama series CROOKS. 

Delivered by industry experts Andy McDonald and Dr Nicola Harding, our training gives you and your staff unique insights into the reality behind a criminal attack, arming your with the knowledge you need to prevent it. This approach, coupled with the continual reinforcement of the key messages within the WFF Academy platform, we have proven a 95% improvement in staff behaviour 

We have three different training options: 

Virtual Info-Sec Academy – Here you build your human firewall with ground-breaking awareness training your staff will love, with multiple options to create you own plan. 

Compliance training – Regulatory Training for anyone working in compliance, that is evidence based and research informed. 

Bespoke training – We work with you to create training for your specific business needs.