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The story of an organised crime group (OCG) told by those who have lived it 

Unlike any other drama series, Crooks is written with, produced with and even stars those with lived experience of crime from both sides of the law. It is simply the most authentic look inside today’s criminal underworld it’s possible to put on screen without breaking the law. Crooks includes documentary-style interviews with characters, providing the thought track of the criminals as they commit crimes. We see what they do, find out why they do it and how they justify it to themselves.

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The Team Behind Crooks

The Crooks team has been assembled over the last 8 years specifically in order to create this amount of authenticity. That means that it can explore crime subjects in a way that is not normally possible. Our unique production team includes a reformed career Fraudster, a world class director/producer, a criminologist and a best-selling crime author. The knowledge behind the series comes from a combination of first-hand experience, our network – which includes multiple police forces as well as active criminals – and our own research conducted on the both sides of the law. That means it’s able to adapt and incorporate current issues that we see emerge in society.

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The Series

The series follows an organised crime group (OCG) as they steal, defraud and plunder. Breaking businesses and bypassing their systems and processes. They recruit young people, exploit the vulnerable and move their ill-gotten gains into the legitimate system. This is a revelatory journey through today’s crime. The audience find out about the world behind the scams every one of us is subject to.

We structure our courses around these episodes. Every story line within Crooks is based on true events. As they say: “you just couldn’t make it up!”

Crooks – Situational Awareness and Ransomware.

Crooks – Know Your Criminal

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Why Drama Transforms Training

Drama is able to convey information in a very different way from other formats. It brings the audience directly into the heart of the action and allows them to connect emotionally with the characters. That means they can see things from character’s point of view and feel what the characters are going through. This is particularly powerful in fraud and financial crime training. The subject can be dry and technical if we leave out the emotional high stakes of the world. People are naturally very curious about crime – it is the most popular genre of fiction. So Crooks brings together that curiosity with this important learning – and the evidence shows that it’s incredibly effective.

“More addictive than Love Island”

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