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The essential course for compliance professionals

This is an essential course for compliance professionals that examines KYC, AML, CTF and investigations and reporting. It offers theoretical as well as practical examples, from a former Police leader and specialist in financial crime, and leading academic in this field, with additional insights from a former fraudster who is now a Subject Matter Expert in fraud and social engineering. All to help you build your financial crime fighting toolkit.


This course is tailormade for compliance professionals working in the corporate world. Whether you are an MLRO in gaming, or an investigator in the financial services sector, but may also include telecoms, retail, or transport. Many of our learners hold the titles: 

Compliance Manager, Business Compliance Project Manager, Risk and Regulatory Compliance Manager, AML Policy Advisory Analyst, Compliance Associate, Compliance/AML Training Consultant, Fraud Investigator, Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Compliance, Head of Compliance and Risk, Senior Compliance Officer, (Deputy) MLRO, and  Head of KYC Client on-boarding team.

Learners may be opting to take this course to further their own professional development, or their employers may opt to place them on the course as a financial crime prevention strategy within their organisation.


The overall aim of this course is to develop your skills as a compliance professional. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of past, current and future Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) practices, including what complex money laundering or terrorist financing may look like and why both need to be tackled by compliance professionals in order to reduce or fully prevent financial crime.
  • Have built a practical toolkit, through the use of case study examples, that allows you to identify, understand and manage or mitigate financial crime within the client onboarding (KYC) process and beyond.
  • Know how to take a risk-based approach to financial crime prevention within a compliance setting. Including a greater understanding of regulatory compliance, and why we must do the things regulators say, but also why we should also do some other things that regulators do not ask them for in order to fully protect against financial crime.


This course is made up of four compulsory modules and two optional modules. To complete the course you must completed modules 1-4 and either 5 or 6. You also have the option to study both. Please see the learning outcomes for each module below.

Due Diligence and 'KYC(s)': Crime, Criminals and Tech

This course focuses on due diligence and know your customer (KYC). By the end of this 90 min live session you will:


  • Understand the current context of financial crime, including legislation/ regulation, advancements in technology and partnership working.
  • Think critically about KYC during the onboarding process, particularly the balance between user experience and financial crime prevention.
  • Know how to take a risk-based approach to KYC with new and existing customers to satisfy regulatory practice and also prevent financial crimes.

The Perpetual AML Fight

This course focuses Anti-money laundering (AML) theory and practice. By the end of this 90 min live session you will:


  • Have a contextual understanding of the problem of money laundering and why anti-money laundering practices are of such importance still.
  • Build upon your understanding of KYC and Due diligence gained in session 1 to understand the role they both play in preventing money laundering.
  • Understand what complex money laundering is and gain a toolkit of practices that can help them to prevent it within your compliance role.

Financing Terrorism: What you need to Know

This course focuses on Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF)theory and practice. By the end of this 90 min live session you will:


  • Understand what terrorist financing is and how the prevention of terrorist financing relates to your role as compliance professionals.
  • Think critically about the individual, organisational, local, g-local, and global forms of terrorist financing risk and how you should engage with each within your role.
  • Put terrorist financing theory in to practice by understanding the past, current and future/ongoing challenges in counter terrorist financing.


Financial Crime: Investigations and reporting

This course focuses on the investigation and reporting of financial crime. By the end of this 90 min live session you will:


  • Think critically about current reporting and investigation techniques. Including what regulators say ‘must be done’ versus what can be considered ‘good practice’.
  • Understand the importance of investigations and reporting.
  • Be able to reflect upon the right form of reporting and investigations to be used depending upon the context of the alleged offence.


Optional: Bribery and Corruption

This course focuses on bribery and corruption, including how you may encounter it, what regulation says about it, and how criminals will use it to attack your organisation.

Optional: Seven Deadly Social Engineering Sins

This 90 mins session compromises of a Social Engineering masterclass with former fraudster and now Subject Matter Expert, Tony Sales.

Andy McDonald

Senior Advisor,
We Fight Fraud

Dr Nicola Harding


Tony Sales

The Social Engineering Expert,
We Fight Fraud


This course is a mixture of online work and live webinars, with a total of 10 hours CPD. The live sessions will run: 

Friday 13th October 2023, 9am – 11am (GMT)

Friday 20th October 2023, 9am – 11am (GMT)

Friday 27th October 2023, 9am – 11am (GMT)

Friday 3rd November 2023, 9am – 11am (GMT)

with the optional modules running on 

Friday 10th November 2023 at either 9am- 11am or 11:30 am – 1:30pm (GMT) depending upon your chosen optional module (you can opt to take both). 

Each live webinar session takes place on Microsoft Teams, with further support and materials offered on the WFF Academy, our virtual learning environment.


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