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Security Awareness Training PLUS More!

Your people are your best asset to protect your company. Give them access to VISA and they will become your ‘Human Firewall’. The only way to strengthen your workforce against criminal threats is to give them the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves and your organisation. 

Ransomware, phishing, and social engineering are the biggest threats facing your organisation today. VISA is the ultimate training programme for your staff. It offers outstanding training courses, quizzes, Q&A with the team, masterclasses and games to ensure continual engagement throughout your subscription. Therefore the end of the training course is just the beginning of your protection. 

VISA offers training that is certificated, relatable and uses practical as well as theoretical examples. It is research-informed, evidence-based and lived experience-driven training that gives you proven staff behavioural change, increasing the security of your company. 

VISA is more than a training programme, it is a security tool designed to protect your business from fraud, financial crime, loss, and other criminal harm. As such, it is essential that all of your staff are armed with the knowledge and resources needed to protect your business from the bad guys! 

Criminals who target businesses like yours are crime professionals, nobody is excluded from their attack when they decide to target your business. Because of this, we recommend a subscription for all of your staff – from the CEO to the cleaner. 

We offer VISA on an extremely affordable subscription basis to enable your business the highest level of protection. 

VISA is a social learning platform. At its heart are our essential training courses designed to protect your business from digital, physical, and social engineering attacks.

Your staff receive a combination of high-level crime drama CROOKS – based upon real world scenarios and designed to bring alive the threats faced by businesses; instructional videos by leading Subject Matter Experts, former Police, and Academics; infographics; and quizzes to check learning.

These ‘click through’ courses are designed to be taken at the learners own pace and are fully online. Each course has a distinct focus, with well defined learning outcomes, all detailed below.

WF0 - Start Here

This course is s short introduction, designed to help your staff navigate through their learning. By the end of this module your staff will:


  • Have been introduced to the team delivering the course.
  • Know why they are doing this training, including the importance of it for them and their employer.
  • Understand how to access course materials and what to do next.

WF2 - Phishing, Ransomware and Cybercrime

This module is designed to help your staff understand the digital threat. By the end of the course your staff will: 

  • Be able to identify potential phishing attacks and cyber vulnerabilities.
  • Understand the value of business and personal data and how this can be used to attack them and their employer.
  • Know how and why they should follow good practice to reduce cyber vulnerabilities.

WF3 - Situational Awareness, Social Engineering, and Organised Crime

This course focuses on what your staff may encounter within your building or over the phone. By the end of this module your staff will:

  • Understand the value of data held inside their business premises and how they can act as a ‘capable guardian’ to protect data assets.
  • Know what to do when approached by a stranger on or around their business premises.
  • Understand the importance of knowing and following security procedures.

Andy McDonald

Senior Advisor,
We Fight Fraud

Dr Nicola Harding


Tony Sales

The Social Engineering Expert,
We Fight Fraud

VISA has a subscription plan for every business. If you are a sole trader, freelance or micro-business our individual subscription will work best for you. Get access to all you need to protect yourself and your business from criminal harm. 

If you represent a small to medium enterprise with up to 100 staff, then the VISA is what you need. Just click ‘Buy Now’ to begin you subscription immediately and add/manage your staff directly on the WFF academy platform. 

For subscriptions of more than 100 staff you really need VISA Plus. This gives you all the benefits of VISA, plus your own company group and the option to add on phishing testing. 

Whatever the size of your organisation, we are here to help. See pricing options and included benefits below. 

Individual membership and SME’s (up to 100 staff)

Businesses with more than 100 staff, or if you would like more information about phishing testing

This is supported by a social platform that reinforces the key messages from their initial training and informs them of new threats through: 

  • Monthly Q&A with the WFF Team
  • Masterclasses with key experts in financial crime, loss prevention, and security. 
  • Discussion forums where they can talk to us and each other about any concerns they have.
  • Access to previous WFF Live sessions where they can hear from top experts in the field about a whole range of key issues effecting your business. 

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our courses through regular testing, therefore we can evidence proven behavioural change when staff are members of VISA. But you don’t need to take our word for it, you can test your organisation too by combining a range of add-ons, such as phishing testing, in our VISA plus subscription


  • WFF Individual
  • VISA
  • VISA Plus
12 months
12 months per user
Ask us
Access to current knowledge
The WFF community is a forum for discussion of the latest and emerging threats. From the latest phishing emails to insider threats and tech solutions. It's a place to pick up useful knowledge and tips for you and your staff.
Monthly Q and A sessions with the WFF team
Our expert team host free monthly online Q and A sessions for all comers. Ask any fraud or financial crime question.
Exclusive content
WFF is constantly researching and testing. From white papers to documentaries and articles, our information comes straight from the source. This isn’t second hand knowledge, it’s learning from those with lived experience.
Anti-Phishing course
WFF’s anti phishing course is not only proven to get dramatically lower successful phishing attacks, but it is training your staff will love. Our ‘Crooks’ drama series provides context, narrative and emotional engagement. This isn’t just tick box training.
Situational Awareness course
Our Situational Awareness course helps your staff to understand why criminals may attempt to gain entry to your premises and what the results could be if they do. Based around an exciting episode of Crooks, it’s learning they will never forget.
WFF Live sessions
You will have access to all sessions from our live conferences. From top police, industry legends and former criminals, we pride ourselves on providing multiple perspectives so that you can gain fresh insights to improve your security.
Priority access to the WFF team
Ask the WFF team anything to do with fraud and financial crime in yours or your staff's work or home life.
Dedicated group for your organisation
Within our platform, your staff will have their own private group with discussion forum.
Group progress reporting
Download monthly reports on the progress of your staff so that you can see who’s engaging and who’s not getting it.
Manager's dashboad
Onboard and remove your own staff from our platform or integrate with you HR system
Live webinar with the WFF team for your staff.
A welcome webinar for all your staff where they can start their learning journey.
Dedicated customer support manager
Discounts on our phishing testing add-on and other WFF services
Invites to exclusive WFF Pro events
Single Sign On
Allow your staff to automatically sign in with their work email and password