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Ian Folkes

Team Ian Folkes Financial Specialist Biography A commercially minded CFO with extensive management experience in the communications and media industry.  Ian has worked for major media brands including WPP, IPG and the FT Group. He works closely with senior colleagues on strategy, growth and talent development, whilst controlling cash flow, costs and profit. Successful track […]
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Andrew Butcher

Team Andrew Butcher New Business Specialist Andrew is in charge of developing and co-ordinating WFF’s business opportunities across testing, intelligence and training. Biography Andrew is an entrepreneurial, results-driven and highly influential senior business professional who has built successful businesses at a local and international level for iconic brands including: Time Inc, The New York Times/IHT, […]
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Dr. Nicola Harding

Team Dr. Nicola Harding Academic Advisor As well as overseeing the academic rigour of We Fight Fraud’s training courses, Nicola acts as a conduit between our network on the ground and the world of academic research. Biography Dr. Nicola Harding is a Criminology Lecturer and Researcher in the Law School at Lancaster University, the UK’s premiere […]
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Adam Boome

Team Adam Boome Communications Director Adam is responsible for WFF’s communications and branding. Fraud and Financial Crime are complicated and opaque, so our mission to promote understanding and knowledge demands thoughtful and clear articulation. Biography Adam brings decades of top-level TV and film industry experience to the company where he has specialised in the subject […]
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Julie Harrison

Team Julie Harrison Management Team Leader Julie is in charge of building and developing We Fight Fraud’s leadership team and management strategy. Biography Julie has played a key role in building and steering many of the most iconic media brands of our generation, having worked for or represented brands at major corporations such as Time […]
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Justin Bentley

Team Justin Bentley Data Compliance Specialist Justin’s years of experience as an IT expert have allowed him to understand the evolution of digital data management. That experience is invaluable in understanding how to protect data in the current climate. Biography Justin’s career has always been within technology with a focus on integrity & the lawful […]
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Solomon Gilbert

Team Solomon Gilbert Head of Cyber Solomon is in charge of We Fight Fraud’s cyber capability. The last bank he broke into took him less than 12 hours. Biography From a very early age, Solomon has had an avid fascination with puzzles and mystery. This fascination led to his discovery of cyber security and the […]
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Tony Sales

Team Tony Sales Head of Strategic Development Co-founder Tony Sales had the vision for We Fight Fraud when he first realised how misunderstood the criminal world, he formerly inhabited, is. He leads all operations and is a popular media figure due to his ability to articulate threats, vulnerabilities and solutions. Biography Tony Sales is one […]
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Andy McDonald

Team Andy McDonald Chief Advisor, Non-Executive Director Andy  is responsible for overseeing operations, legal compliance and law-enforcement liason. His vast experience is invaluable to We Fight Fraud. Biography Andy was formerly Head of Special Investigations at SO15 Counter Terrorism Command and UK National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU) previously Head of Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad […]
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