We Fight Fraud

Tony Sales

Chief Product Officer

Tony Sales is the Co-Founder of We Fight Fraud and Underworld TV. As a child Tony, was drawn into a world of crime, that would lead into adulthood, with devastating consequences, not only for Tony but for financial institutions around the world. In 2009, after spending half a decade as a fugitive, Tony went to prison. During the sentence, and a visit from his wife and children he had an epiphany. He wanted to make up to his victims by using his knowledge to prevent financial crime. Everyone laughed at first but for Tony, it seemed like an obvious fit.

In 2012 Tony said “Data is the new cash. Criminals understand the value of data, so businesses should expect data ransom attacks to be coming.” The year after the prediction, in 2013 ransomware became mainstream.

Over a decade later, Tony is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on Social Engineering, Fraud, and Cyber Crime. Working alongside leaders from law enforcement and academia, he has advised Governments, financial institutions and some of the world’s biggest brands on their fraud and financial crime strategy. His criminal insight has become invaluable, making him a popular figure who regularly appears on TV and Radio.

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